We are a small hobbyist breeder set in the idyllic countryside just outside Battle, East Sussex. We provide a carefully chosen selection of pure breed hens and cockerels that will not fail to add a dash of colour and character to any garden. All the birds kept here are free range with an emphasis on health and hygiene, resulting in a happy flock.

Always having a passion for keeping chickens we, here at The Heritage Hens, decided to share this passion and aim to provide you with chickens of which you can be proud.



If you are new to keeping chickens or indeed have any queries, we are happy to give you any advice you need and ensure that your new family members are safe and happy. 


We do not vaccinate our birds as they are raised in small numbers and our emphasis is on prevention which involves keeping good hygiene at all times. Birds that have been vaccinated will usually have been raised commercially in their thousands at one time.


Hybrids will lay many eggs throughout the year but their egg production will tail off anywhere between 18 - 24 months and they have a shorter lifespan.

However, pure breeds live longer and lay steadily throughout the year and will continue to do so for many more years. 

Keeping chickens is an absolute joy and I cannot recommend it highly enough - although it is rather addictive. Be warned!


We sell cockerels too at a lower rate as we would love them to go to good homes and are, quite simply, magnificent looking gentlemen and well worth the investment.


We are D.E.F.R.A registered and all our birds are free-range.

Chicken and Chicks




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