The Myth: All chickens are the same?

Anyone that has kept chickens before won't need telling that this couldn't be further from the truth. Along with coming in a wide variety of size, shape and colour, being tame or shy, flighty or docile, smart or stupid, or having one that likes to wander off on its own, you will notice that every chicken has their own unique character.

The Myth: Artificial light will make hens lay more eggs?

Not exactly. If you were to add a light into their coop during the winter months then, yes, they would continue to lay at a similar rate as they would over the summertime. However, when hens are born they already have the total amount of eggs within their system. So, by adding extra light, you are merely increasing production throughout winter but your hens will stop producing eggs sooner than they usually would if they had been left to their own devices.

Here at The Heritage Hens we do not add extra light as during the autumn and winter, chickens will molt and need to spend their energy on revitalising. Plus, this is how nature intended it to be and we feel the hens need a well earned rest.

The Myth: Hens lay eggs every day?

Egg laying is seasonal and based on daylight hours. So during the winter months, productivity drops. Even during the spring and summer a hen won't necessarily lay every day. Some breeds will lay more than others throughout the year. Nutrition, health and hygiene are also key factors in determined your girls' productivity.

The Myth: Chickens are vegetarian?

Again. Certainly not. They are omnivorous and will eat almost anything - even lizards and baby rats and mice given the chance!

        The Myth: Bigger eggs are better?

Simply, no. There is no scientific evidence to support this. Small eggs are just as tasty as big ones. It all depends on what food the hens have access to.

The Myth: All cockerels are aggressive?

Definitely not. Of course some are but some aren't. They are more aggressive towards one another,rather than humans, as they are very protective of their own flock. 

Please see our 'Cockerels' page for more information and what they add to a flock.

The Myth: Chickens are smelly?

This is up to the keeper.

Chickens are actually fairly clean animals that love to preen their feathers and have regular dust baths, and as such, do not smell.

If their coops are changed regularly, they are not over crowded and diatomaceous earth is used inside to soak in the ammonia smell and keep red mites at bay, the bad smell should be minimal.

The Myth: All chickens are stupid?

They are not as stupid as most of us would think. They can learn tricks, find their way home, recognise the sound of the feed bin rattling and even come when called.

Again, depending on breed and the individual, some are more stupid than others. 


Interesting fact - chickens have the ability to recognise up to 100 different faces of animals and humans!

The Myth: The Chicken or the egg?

Ah! The classic question. Well, in short - THE EGG!

Chickens have been genetically traced back to Jungle Fowl living in Asia that is classified as a pheasant but can still interbreed with some chickens. Eventually,  a genetic mutation occurred inside a Jungle Fowl hen when her genes became mixed with the cockerel's. And thus, instead of hatching a Jungle Fowl, she hatched a chicken.



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